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Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus, President of Mingus Associates, Inc., has been a freelance writer and editor for more than 30 years.  Some of her books include:

Buffalo’s history is as rich and layered as any other American city’s.  In this book, part of Arcadia’s Making of America series, Nancy provides an overview of the city, its people and its world class architecture. 


Developed in conjunction with Visibooks on a Department of Education grant, this book teaches software users how to create brochures, flyers and newsletters in Publisher. 

Released in 2005, Nancy contributed more than twenty entries on Western New York towns in Erie and Niagara counties to this voluminous book on New York State.

Part of a twelve-volume encyclopedia on the history of homes in the United States, Nancy’s volume covers the revival period of 1821 to 1860 when the United States grew from “sea to shining sea” largely due to innovations in building technology.

Released in 2001, this book has sold nearly 25,000 copies!  It is used as a text throughout the US and Canada.  The book is available through Amazon and FEATURED on Barnes and Noble.

Buffalo: Good Neighbors, Great Architecture

Homes in the Revival Era: 1821 to 1860

The Encyclopedia of New York State

Publisher 2003/2007 for Visual Learners

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