Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus, President of Mingus Associates, Inc., is a seasoned training professional.  For the past thirty-five years, she has been directly involved in training and education, designing and delivering courses using all the instructional methods, from lecture to multimedia.  She has trained on topics ranging from computer literacy to telecommunications on the technical side, and from supervisory basics to Time/Stress Management on the development side.  She has worked with mainframe CBT since 1981, and PC-based CBT and multimedia since 1983. The company’s most recent training jobs were to customize and deliver a series project management courses for the Buffalo PMI Chapter and Blue Cross-Blue Shield Kansas.


Mingus is also an experienced project manager.  She has been working with mainframe computers for thirty-eight years, and with microcomputers for thirty-three. She has been working with and teaching project management and project management software for more than twenty-seven years.  She has worked with CA-Clarity (Workbench), Microsoft Project, Project Scheduler, Harvard Total Project Manager, Sure Trak and Time Line, and CA-SuperProject, many their beta releases in the early eighties.  She has also worked with LBMS (now called Allfusion Process Engineer) for five years.  Mingus has developed a custom project management course for Galileo and Norfolk Southern, a custom MS-Project/LBMS course for Nike, and a custom Project Workbench course for the Montana State Administration Department.


Mingus has been a freelance writer and editor for more than twenty years.  She wrote the video scripts and corresponding workbooks for MicroVideo's WordPerfect for Windows courses, she has written two books, and has had over forty articles in TRAINING, Computerworld, and other national publications.  She has also written and edited training courses (over seventy), newsletters (over 200 monthly issues of four different newsletters), and policy and procedure documents.  While the majority of her writing has been computer-related, she’s had articles published on topics ranging from ballooning to the Erie Canal to human resources management. In addition to the many training courses she has delivered, Mingus is frequently asked to speak at international training and computer conferences.  Her book Teach Yourself Project Management in 24 Hours was released in 2001.


Mingus has a Masters degree in Math Education and became a Certified Data Processor (CDP) in 1983.  She is on the board of the Buffalo Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and received her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 1996. She served on the Amherst Historic Preservation Commission for eight years and as its Chair for three.  She received her Masters in Historic Preservation from Goucher College in 2001.

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Nancy Mingus has been working for more than twenty-five years in banking, academia, manufacturing,  and other industries.

Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus, President of Mingus Associates, Inc.